Underneath you find some tips about Mirtos. Those are not sole representative for Mirtos, because only links are mentioned, which own their -own- website.

Shops in Mirtos

• Gallery Thea in Mirtos - Glass Art and More

Taverna's in Mirtos

• Taverna Platanos in Mirtos

Surroundings/ Activities

• Walk with Donkeys
• *New* Video: Sunrise in Mirtos
• Taverna and appartements Lambros in Tertsa


• Archeological site: Pirgos
• Archeological site: Fournou Korifi

Car rental

• Cretecars car rental
• Caravel car rental

Travel agencies

• Kretadirect

Social network Mirtos

• Mirtos Facebook

Others about Mirtos/ Crete

• Crete4you, the name says it all

Pictures by others

• Mirtos pictures on Flickr

Reviews Mirtos

• Zoover reviews Mirtos


• Greek ferries


• Busscheme

Greek customs and habits

• Greek customs and habits

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