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During our trips in the Eastern part of Crete we visited a town called Kalami.

At this moment the village population is about 15 souls, the rest of the houses is deserted, although often completely arranged with pieces of furniture. the atmosphere is bizar, you can compare it to the set of the best Westerns of Clint Eastwood.

The only sound you hear are flapping doors and windows and hence and forth moving objects, for the faint hearted among us you might be frightened of this real Ghost Town...

This mountain village is almost deserted, because the government ordered the inhabitants of the village that they had to leave the village as soon as possible, this because of the construction of a dam.
The village Kalami would be flooded entirely.

It is fascinating to see that some people left all behind, like chairs, beds and televisions.

At last the dam was not built, I suspect that most inhabitants accomplished a new existence elsewhere and didn't return to Kalami. It is a bizar town, we saw just ONE cat there, although you find them everywhere on Crete, the atmosphere is depressing. You will see a picture of some of the inhabitants of the Ghost Town of Kalami, the only people I met during my visit.

The city is certainly worth a visit, if you are not a nervous person.